Decorating with Baskets & Trays

{Top Left: Paloma Contreras Design; Bottom Left: Mark D. Sikes; Middle: Alyssa Kapito Interiors; Top Right: Paloma Contreras Design}

It’s the small details in a room that make it stand out. Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers, trinkets on top of stacked books, or a bowl of chocolates, details speak volumes. I especially appreciate baskets and trays. Chunky woven baskets next to a fireplace to hold wood or beside a chair for reading books—it’s the details that can be used practically but also add a visual punch. Trays are all over my home. In my kitchen, a woven tray sits on the island to frame my topiaries and napkins. In the Paloma Contreras Design office, a tray holds our stapler, sticky notes, business cards, etc. These goods could be free standing or hidden in a drawer but an orderly display adds character and dimension.

My favorite aspect of trays and baskets is the two purposes they serve—aesthetic appeal and functionality. For aesthetic, look for trays that have a unique finish like Lucite, marble or something with a black and white stripe detail. For functionality, I appreciate when every item has a home—it creates an organized environment and you will never misplace the coasters, napkins and candles ever again! With baskets, I gravitate towards a woven material. Durability is their strong suit while adding warmth to any room.