May 20, 2020

Palmer Weiss

Palmer Weiss is a San Francisco-based interior designer. Raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Weiss credits her Southern roots as a major influence on her design aesthetic. She admires the way Southerners embrace their family heritage, formality, and tradition in their homes but are also not afraid to express a few of their eccentricities as well. Over twenty-five years of living in Northern California has allowed her to develop a unique style that both respects tradition and embraces new ideas. A mother of two girls and one yellow lab, Weiss also understands the need for a home to be as functional as it is beautiful. Never one to give into trends, Weiss is known for creating timeless, modern and livable interiors with her signature bursts of color and a little bit of that Southern eccentricity thrown in for fun.

Interiors and architecture are in Weiss’ blood. With an accomplished interior designer for a mother and a father in real estate development, Weiss spent much of her childhood touring construction and job sites. Though she was always toiling away in her mom’s sample closets and dissecting design trade magazines for inspiration, Weiss didn’t formalize her design career until 2002. Instead, she held jobs in investment banking and retail merchandising. She believes her experience in the business world has helped her immensely in managing client budgets and meeting key project deadlines. She feels these attributes are as important to a successful client relationship as making inspired creative choices.

Weiss attended Choate Rosemary Hall boarding school, Brown University with a BA in History of Art, and received her MBA at J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. As an avid supporter of the arts, Palmer serves on the board of Spoleto Festival USA which is one of America’s premier performing arts festivals and held in her hometown of Charleston, SC. She resides in San Francisco with her husband, a cardiologist, and their two daughters.