Rugs: Natural Fiber

{All Photos: Paloma Contreras Design}

One of the most important design elements in any space is texture. Texture can be added through a variety of mediums—lamps, art, layered pillows, drapery trim, books, and so on. One of the most impactful ways to add texture to a space is through rugs and no other type of flooring adds the type of texture that natural fiber brings to a space. I especially love using natural fiber rugs because they go with just about anything and they can stand up to almost anything. They live in almost every room in my home. They are extremely versatile, durable, and work in any budget. I especially love the juxtaposition that a simple natural fiber can create in an otherwise glamorous and formal room. The contrast is not only striking to the eye, but it grounds the space, keeping it from feeling stuffy or over the top.

Three Benefits of Natural Fiber Rugs:

  1. Add Texture
  2. Durable for High Traffic Areas
  3. Versatile, Neutral Style

My Top Three Natural Fiber Materials:

  1. Seagrass
  2. Sisal
  3. Abaca