Rugs: Oushak

Rugs are an important design element as they literally set the foundation for a room and also provide a great way to add texture and character to your space. Oushak rugs have become a favorite in our office and we have used them almost as much as natural fiber rugs. Antique oushaks come in a variety of colors, from soft muted tones to bolder hues, so they can really tie a color palette together. They add a traditional element to a space without the heaviness or dated look of traditional oriental rugs. Since they are constructed of wool, they feel soft underfoot and are extremely durable. Many of the vintage ones we’ve sourced for clients are decades old and still look fantastic. Oushak runners are extremely versatile and are great in kitchens as well in hallways and entryways. I also love to layer oushak rugs, especially atop seagrass. You’ll find that a pair of layered rugs will immediately add an eclectic vibe to a room, lending a chic and sort of collected feel, like the room was curated over time.

I am currently loving these oushaks: One | Two | Three | Four | Five